Helms - The Blog

Name of Blog: Helms - The Blog

Name of Blogger: Abby

Blogging since: April 2010

Number of followers today: 25

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 11

What the Blog is about: Helms is a mommy of one...soon to be two kiddos. But, watch out, Helms is not your typical mommy blogger! Rather, Helms relays her tales of men (maybe that should be boys), crazy adventures, life before mommyhood and how she got to where she is today. She also shows off her very cute daughter and talks about current life events. Overall, I think she describes herself the best: "wife, mom and snark." So, if you are in for some good stories, this is the blog for you.

Does the author respond to comments? Usually through follow up comments.


Alexandra said...

Another fun blogger to meet...thank you!

KLZ said...

God, I love snark. Scooting over there now.