Ann's Rants

Name of Blog: Ann's Rants

Name of Blogger: Ann

Blogging since: October 2008

Number of followers today: 341

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 7

What the Blog is about: Ann dubs herself a "stay at home humorist."  She ain't lying.  Her posts range from the satirical (prenatal search engine optimization, anyone?) to the confessional (fake diary entries from her middle school years).  Her struggles with her hair and her status as a Sconnie Jewess (jewish woman from Wisconsin) feature prominently.  She is irreverent, raucous, self-deprecating and, always, a humanist.

Does the author respond to comments? Yes.


Bethany said...

Damn you all and your blog reviews! I'm trying to STOP finding more blogs because I don't have time for this! And now I have another blog to follow. Honestly, I don't know why I still follow this blog - it's detrimental to my housework.

KLZ said...

ann's rants is the best! Her middle school self is so spot on it's uncanny.

Alexandra said...

I love ann's rants. Hope a lot of new people go check her out...she is very talented.

Ann Imig said...

Thanks for the great review. My favorite was "humanist" because I really do strive to keep away from mean-spirited humor.

Thanks for the comments, ladies, and especially for reading!!!

What a nice surprise.