A Day in the Life of a Surferwife

A Day In The Life Of A Surferwife

Name of Blogger: Surferwife

Blogging since: September 2008

Number of followers today: 300

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 15-20

What the Blog is about:
How to do justice to the Surferwife? First, to steal her self-description: "I call myself a Surferwife because I am the wife of a surfer. I do NOT surf. It's cold and wet, people." Her demonstrably biting wit is woven through all of her posts. She is kind enough to regularly regale her readers with her true celebrity encounters. When she's not dazzling you with her star-studded life, she's warm, funny and uber-cool at all times. Stop by for a visit, you won't leave dissatisifed. And you just might leave covered in fairy dust.

Does the author respond to comments? Yes, via email


Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

Surfer Wife rooooolz!

SurferWife said...

Well hot damn. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Off to google the meaning of demonstrably.

The Only Girl said...

I love me some SW!

jessalyn said...

awww yay hiphiphooray for the surferwife!

And Then Kate said...

That SurferWife. She is definitely good for a laugh. And for pictures of multiple deep-fried foods. I ask for no more than that.

Anonymous said...

Love SurferWife. Don't know about the fairy dust thingy tho.