The Story of a Blog

It started as a delirious imagining of a deranged mind.

3 women
3 different blogs
No spare time
(and then we grew!)

What did we have to lose?
Our sanity?
Our husbands?
Our children? (because CPS took them away due to neglect)

There is a veritable smorgasbord of bloggy goodness out there, and how would someone know to read it? New bloggers randomly click until they find something worth reading. Seasoned bloggers don't have the time to dig through comments and disturbing attempts of attention grabbing.

Why not create a place where you can go and find new reading? A magazine rack in the middle of the blogosphere.

This is where you are. A place to taste new flavors, to see new sights, to search by topic, and whatever else you feel the need to search by.

Visit often as we discover new territory and cover those we know and love. Email suggestions, be a guest reviewer, just come and leave randomly long comments. Whatever makes you happy!

We hope to see you here often. We hope to help you find your way.