Speaking from the Crib

Name of Blog: Speaking from the Crib

Name of Blogger: I think I know... but it's not listed, so I am not telling. Call her SFTC.

Blogging since: It says August 2009... perhaps she can explain. How does one get that many followers in 4 months?!

Number of followers today: 438

Average number of ppm (posts per month):20ish (still confused about the August thing... that is amazing!)

What the Blog is about:
1. She's laugh out loud, milk (wine, margarita, salsa and chips) out of your nose!
2. She's a mommy... a wife, a pet owner and really funny
3. It's about humor. It's a funny funny blog. You want to laugh? READ HER!
4. Just for example... today's post is about pooping in a Wendy's bag. Now you HAVE to read it don't you!
5. She's also a contributor on this blog... but someone had to review her. She's funny. Really funny.

Does the author respond to comments?Yes, it's the best thing about her. She makes you feel like a friend!

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Unknown said...

This is pretty cool. How was this site hiding from me?