One Step At A Time

Name of Blog: One Step At A Time

Name of Blogger: Lissaloo

Blogging since: November, 2008

Number of followers today: 41

Average number of posts per month: 15

What the Blog is about: Lissaloo is the mother of 4 children, The Brain, The Artist, The Little Mother, & The Baby in Charge. Her husband is a full time College student going for a Bio-Chem degree. Her blog has "a little bit of cookin, a little bit of crafting and a whole lot of Krazy".

Lissaloo's recipes are delicious and not too complicated, either. Many of them are kid-friendly.

Lissaloo has 3 other blogs, too: Krafting With Kids, A Handful Of Herbs,  and One Book At A Time.

 Does the blogger respond to comments: Yes. Lissaloo is a faithful blog follower and commentor!


Lissaloo said...

Awwwwww Thank you for the sweet review, you guys are Awesome :)

MaryRC said...

checkin her out now..

betty said...

I've been following Lissaloo's blog for a long time and she is an awesome lady and has a great blog (and I always walk away hungry after she has posted pictures of what she cooked up in the kitchen)

cute blog you have here :)