Simple Sweet Inspiration

Name of Blog: Simple Sweet Inspiration

Name of Blogger: Alissa

Blogging since: December 2007

Number of followers today: 57

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 25

What the Blog is about:
1.She is a very funny mama with great stories about her family!
2. She is a helpful mama, she often posts on DIY blogging tips!
3. She posts giveaways, Tipsy Tuesday(which is always hilarious),Wordless Wednesday, and more...much, much more!
4. This chic is witty people, if you want to crack up this is the blog for you!
5. She is a Christian wife and mother keeping you updated on her walk!
(Oh and she started this blog, I thought she needed some props too!)

Does the author respond to comments? YES


Unknown said...

You love me, you really love me! I was just waiting. This is why I created a review blog... LOL!

SurferWife said...

I am already a fan!

Holly Lefevre said...

OK, I love this idea. I kept seeing it on eveyrone's profile..but finally a computer that works and a moment to think and here I am. Yipppeee!