Things I Can't Say

Name of Blog: Things I Can't Say

Name of Blogger: Shell

Number of followers today: 1,199

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 28

What the Blog is about: Shell started this blog as a way to be able to freely say whatever she wanted without fear of what others might think. She only has 3 people "in real life" that know she writes this blog, it's otherwise anonymous. She's honest, open, funny, and writes from the heart. She doesn't hold back, which is refreshing. She blogs about the craziness of being the mom of three rambunctious boys, a wife, being a SAHM, and anything else that she feels like! Be sure to check out her Favs page for links to posts that are her favorites, or tell you more about her. She also is the creator of 2 popular memes: Pour Your Heart Out (Wednesdays) and Blog Friend Feature (Fridays).
Does the author respond to comments? Yes

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alicia said...

Sounds intriguing. And I so should have made mine anonymous too. Off to check her out.