The Lame Sauce

Name of Blog: The Lame Sauce

Name of Blogger: Gregg

Blogging since: Unknown

Number of followers today: Undisclosed

Average number of ppm (posts per month):  10

What the Blog is about: Gregg has just the right blend of self deprecation and humor. He's a dad who raves about his kids, thinks his wife is beautiful and will blog about scheming to get some. He keeps things fresh by posting the occasional vlog. He also keeps it real in a way that I think dads generally do better than moms; a recent post was about a stinky poop he took in his daughter's bathroom that was so terrible it actually made her cry.  There are few things more dear to my heart than a good poop post.

Does the author respond to comments? Yes, via Twitter (@the_lame_sauce)

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KLZ said...

Love dad bloggers!