Name of Blog: Mom-In-A-Million

Name of Blogger: Rebekah

Blogging since: January 2010

Number of followers today: undisclosed

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 30 (daily)

What the Blog is about: Rebekah is a young professional in DC, mom of one (super cute) kiddo and blogs about, well, everything. She provides her readers with reviews of books that you really want to read but are too embarrassed to buy (e.g. Lauren Conrad's biography) and also books you cannot wait to snuggle up with. Rebekah keeps it real with some hilarious letters to celebs and rants about her goal to re-beautify herself from the top down (like she needs it, she is gorgeous). This blog is always an entertaining read and provides enough variety to always keep the readers interested. Really, go check it out - right now!

Does the author respond to comments? Yes, via email.

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Bethany said...

Damn. Another one I have to follow. I am thisclose to not reading THIS freaking blog anymore!!!

All good fun. :)