Name of Blog: Smacksy

Name of Blogger: Lisa

Blogging since: May 2009

Number of followers today: 148

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 30

What the Blog is about: Meet Bob, the preschooler.  He loves Star Wars, his new kitty cat and his mama.  And his mama?  She's good stuff, capturing the essence of the passions and meltdowns of a little boy.  Posts are succinct, well crafted and funny.  Lots of "ahhhh, that's so sweet" moments.  You'll be grateful she posts everyday.

Does the author respond to comments? Yes


Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Wow! I thank you and Bob thanks you.

(And when Bob turns 13 and realizes I have all of this stuff written down for the world to see, let's just pretend this never happened.)

KLZ said...

Smacksy melts my heart every day. I love reading her portrayals of life.