Team Kyte

Name of Blog: Team Kyte

Name of Blogger: Caryn

Blogging since: September 2007

Number of followers today: 14

Average number of ppm (posts per month): It varies, and is increasing, 12-14.

What the Blog is about:
1. She is a mommy to 5! It's about her kids!
2. She is a cook to 7! She shares menu planning.
3. She is a twin mom, which is like an exclusive club. I can't get in.
4. She shares about her faith in a weekly post called Monday Morning Message.
5. She's a blog commenter and blog reader!

Does the author respond to comments? Not by email.

1 comment:

strokeofliving said...


What a great idea this is. I just discovered you and left a comment on SFTC. I have a feeling with you I hit the mother load of discovering three new bloggers because with you I get two for one. A great baby's perspective blog and a blog dedicated to reviewing others blogs- OMG!!

I can only hope that if I'm ever reviewed it will be favorable. What a great idea [reprise]!

Have a great day.