Name of Blog: Annieology

Name of Blogger: I am guessing Annie... but she's not on a blogger blog... so I don't get to stalk her effectively

Blogging since: April 2007

Number of followers today: Again.. I don't know.  I wanted to follow her, but she's not offering that type of commitment.

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 10-15

What the Blog is about:
1. Her life.  She's funny and direct and a good story teller
2. She's funny.  She also seems to comment... or leave emails too.
3. She's been awarded and plays along... good job! 
4. Did I mention that she's funny?  She is random in a way that makes you want to have coffee with her at 2am to see what she would say!  That's my kind of random!
5. She's a mommy and wife and isn't shy about her faith, parenting, and more.

Does the author respond to comments? Uhmmm I don't know!

1 comment:

annieology said...

Thank you, I like to hear such nice things about me. I do reply to almost every comment mostly via email as Wordpress doesn't automatically email replies. I hope you stop by again, I am working diligently on making my following opportunities more obvious. Until then I'm @annieology on Twitter and you can be a fan on FB http://wjmp.net/x

Thanks again, Annie