Moore Minutes

Name of Blog: Moore Minutes

Name of Blogger: Lisa

Blogging since: February 2009

Number of followers today: 196

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 10-12

What the Blog is about:
1.A little gem of a blog (little? I only have 51 followers - at my OTHER blog and I'm calling her little??) I discovered, and started following, when I first re-started on my blog... but promptly forgot about.  (adult onset ADD)
2.It's a beautiful blog! Well written, great pictures!
3.She's a momma to 3 boys, a lovely mommy who writes about her life and her kids.
4.She also REALLY writes about her amazing decorating/homemaking skills! Full of great ideas!
5.She's a comment leaving, blog love type of blogger. 

Does the author respond to comments?  I don't know... I'll tell you later!

1 comment:

Moore Minutes said...

Wow! Thank you for this. :) How fun and what a happy surprise. I greatly appreciate it.