I Like To Fish

Name of Blog: I Like To Fish

Name of Blogger: Travis

Blogging since:  June, 2009

Number of followers today: 114

Average number of posts per month: 25

What the Blog is about:

1. Humorous anecdotes from Travis' life. These include the highjinks of his wife, 3 brothers, and/or observations from his job as a high school teacher.

2.  Travis is a Twilight fan. (Squee!)

3.  He participates in Monday Mingle. (vlogging)

4.  Travis has a Linky Memoir Monday which generates many great stories.

5.  He is a hilarious story teller! You'd better go to the bathroom before reading his posts so you don't have an accident.

Does the author respond to comments?  Yes, with a visit to your blog. He also returns follows.


Unknown said...

See, I don't even have to go to blogs to check them out, I'm coming here now, then over to other blogs. Keep them coming!

Travis said...

Wow. Thanks guys (and gals)! This is really an honor! Of course I will be grabbing that button!


I tell my wife that a lot...

It's happened once, and I think I was drunk.