Name of Blog: Days

Name of Blogger: Roxane

Blogging since: March 2010

Number of followers today: Undisclosed

Average number of ppm (posts per month): A few posts each week.

What the Blog is about: Being a mom and wife, but not quite a domestic goddess.  She is witty and smart, and provides an angle on every day life that we all can appreciate and relate to.

Does the author respond to comments? Yes.


Natalie said...

LOVE Days...and Roxane! If you haven't read her, check her out!

Roxane said...

Not sure if it's frowned upon to comment on one's own review, but...

Thanks Liz! I appreciate it.

Much Love

Anonymous said...

And she loves Dave Matthews! Anyone that loves Dave Matthews is a-okay in my book. Very cleaver writer and most definitely becoming one of my new favorite blogers!