Mommy's Pen

Name of Blog: Mommy's Pen

Name of Blogger: Sue

Blogging since: December 2009

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What the Blog is about:
Sue is raising her daughter Nora in the Pacific Northwest. She's trying create a positive, creative environment for Nora to grow up in and is sharing the details. Nora has just turned three and has a very unique take on life as a result - which Sue passes on to us. Her husband Ben regularly graces us with his gorgeous photography to highlight Sue's stories. Sue shares with us her parenting mistakes on a weekly basis while highlighting the beauty of family on a daily basis.

Does the author respond to comments? Yes, via comments


Bethany said...

Reading Mommy's Pen made me wonder if there's something wrong with my kids...

Natalie said...

And after Bethany's comment, I'm skipping off to check out the blog!

Campbells said...

Even though I'm not a mommy, I look forward to Mommy's Pen every morning. Great writing. Great photographs. And Nora is the cutest granddaughter anyone could wish for.