Letters for Lucas

Name of Blog: Letters for Lucas

Name of Blogger: Tonya

Blogging since: August 2009

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Average number of ppm (posts per month): 23 per month

What the Blog is about: Tonya is a thirty-something first time mom. Her son Lucas will be celebrating his first birthday in June! The blog starts with Tonya writing a series of letters directly to her son. But as Tonya continues to write, the blog expands into not only a way to record Lucas' growth and development, but as a way for her to record her own growth as both a mommy and woman. Tonya captures the change from being a childless, married woman that has a busy and active social life to becoming a mom, without losing her sense of self. The transition is beautifully written, and worth the read. Her writing is poignant, sassy, sweet, and very honest.

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Leah said...

Yay! This is my sister's blog and I absolutely adore her blog! It is really a very honest look at motherhood and such a sweet extra way for me to see into her life and see what my adorable nephew is up to these days.

liz said...

I love the whole idea about it being a letter to her son, and it's a letter for each day of his life.

KLZ said...

I'm so glad you wrote this Natalie. I've been scoping Tonya out since you first mentioned her and I think she's fantastic. Both cracks me up and makes me tear up on the regular.

Anne said...

What a great idea! The letters are so welll written and will be such a great thing for her son to read later on in life.

Poppy said...

I started with handwritten letters to my oldest daughter (now 11), but my writing is so terrible that lasted about 2 weeks. I wish I would have thought of it in the blog age. What a fantastic journal you will have of his early days. I jumped over and read your SATC review too. I think I'll go see it now when I had been a little apprehensive prior.

Sue Campbell said...

Not only will Lucas treasure your words someday, we all get to appeciate them, too!