Mommy of a Monster

Name of Blog: Mommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant Twins

Name of Blogger: Natalie

Blogging since: March 2010

Number of followers today: 212

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 30 (pretty much daily)

What the Blog is about:
Mommy of a Monster chronicles life with three young children, one of whom is a monster. Aren't all toddlers? The writing is honest and has dealt with subjects ranging from her son Tater's trucker mouth to her struggles with infertility. She shares fantastic photos of her family, her garden and her frumpiness. Funny and completely raw, Natalie lays out her life for the world to see.

Does the author respond to comments? Yes, and promptly


Braley Mama said...

I love REAL mama's...must check her out!

Anonymous said...

Her new page design is great, too - Gotta love mommybloggers!

KLZ said...

Her new design IS great. Nice work by the people who managed that.

Dream House Trish said...

Thank You for introducing me to some grat new blogs. I have passed on an award for your fabulous efforts. Congratulations!!!
A Dream house for Trish

Anonymous said...

Love this blog and love this mommy! YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT! :)

Mom said...

I love Natalie's Blog! :)