In Pursuit of Martha Points

Name of Blog: In Pursuit of Martha Points

Name of Blogger: Lori

Blogging since: March 19, 2010

Number of followers today: Undisclosed

Average number of ppm (posts per month): 20+ per month

What the Blog is about: Lori lives her life by Martha Points. As in Martha Stewart points.  She has a 100-point scale that she uses to measure her Martha-y-ness, and increases or decreases her current score based on her successes and failures in all things domestic. 

Making the Bed: +5 points
Losing the Kids: -10 points

If you weren't able to tell until now, Lori's blog is full of honesty and humor.  You're guaranteed to fall in love! 

Does the author respond to comments? Yes


Megan said...

Martha Points is such a cute idea, I love it!

Natalie said...

Love this blog!Her recent post about the gi-normous cake is hilarious!

KLZ said...

I'm shamelessly trying to garner Martha Points as we speak.

Anonymous said...

She makes me laugh all day! I am usually laughing to hard to leave an intelligent comment.

SurferWife said...

oh yes. Those pesky -10 pts for losing children. Such a hindrance.

Bethany said...

We need a link to this one!

Unknown said...

Link is up... I went to visit... she's so funny!! Great new read!!