365 Friendly Strangers

Name of Blog: 365 Friendly Strangers

Name of Blogger: Kirsten

Blogging since: April 2010

Number of followers today: 4
Average number of ppm (posts per month): 15

What the Blog is about: One day, Kirsten was running laps around a park and noticed an awful smell.  She also noticed someone sitting on a bench right next to the smell, content as can be.  On her next lap, she stopped to chat.  She realized there are lots of friendly people all around her and it was time to meet some of them.  Her goal is to "learn things from the strangeness of strangers."  Thankfully, she's blogging the lessons for the benefit (and entertainment) of us all.
Does the author respond to comments? No, but I bet we could get her to start.

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Lula Lola said...

I love the whole idea of this! Checking her out now!